Going Forward

It is hard to believed that another year has passed by since Nana passed away but it has and time does not seem to be slowing down. I could do a[nother] reflective post today but I did that on this day last year and on new years so this one is going to be where I am currently and looking forward.
Literally, I’m sat on a train chugging through the hope valley which is an awesome part of the world and looking out on it during dusk is wonderful especially having walked up through the valley with my sister a few weekends ago. I’m heading back to sheffield after an afternoon at home heading back into 3 weeks of exams, hence the maths work spread out on the table in front of me. Exams will be over soon enough but at least I can look forward to listening to afterhour’s 5 year celebration while revising which should be 5 days of awesome music, well that is if you like trance.
Exams finish on the 10th June and then I really have finished my first year at university and the ssummer holiday starts in earnest. My cousin should be coming over fform America soon after I finish exams and I look forward to friends from home ccoming up (you know who you are!). July sees us take thw keys to our new house where we are living next year which will be good as I of yet, have not seen the inside of our house but I have been assured by those who are bothered that it is very nice.
At the risk of sounding as dumb as Miss Black, August comes after July and with that I look forward to another amazing weekend at vfestival with yet another spectacular lineup.
Beyond that there isn’t much more to say other than I turn 20 in September (you really aren’t 19 forever) and start second year. Still, it’s a long way till then and the should be a really excellent summer before then.
That’s all for now.

P.s. I renewed my domain earlier this week so I should be sticking around a bit and I know I haven’t exactly stuck to my new years resolutions, lets hope that can change over the summer