Super Bowl XLV

American football is not big in the UK and it never will be as big as football/rugby/cricket but it seems to be getting bigger. Last year, just before I went to bed I decided to watch the Super Bowl (well all of it except the last quarter). A spur of the moment decision which despite the tiredness the following day, I have never regretted the decision. Super bowl XLIV was fantastic and a brilliant comeback from the New Orleans Saints overturning a 10 point deficit to win against the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. Now the Super Bowl is the end of the football season and so I had to wait fro the next season to begin to really giet into football and with going to uni and not having a TV I couldn’t really get into it. Still, the BBC have shown highlights of the playoff games and it rekindled my interest in football. And so the Super Bowl arrived this year and BarOne in the union was staying open especially for the super bowl. I went down to watch and what a game we were treated to, the Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers.

The game started well with both sides seeming fairly even matched but the Packers got the first touchdown just under 4 minutes from the end of the first quarter and followed up with another TD from an interception. The second quarter started with a Steelers field goal and finished with a touchdown each for either side and 21-10 to the Packers at half time. Yet with a number of injuries in the packers defense, they couldn’t hold the steelers at bay who scored the only touchdown of the third quarter closing the game to just 4 points. With another TD by the packers three minutes into the final quarter, I felt the game was beyond reach of the Steelers but as I have learnt with american football, a 10 minutes is a long time and plenty of time for the game to change. Change it did as the Steelers got another touchdown and a 2 point conversion closing the game to 3 points and needing only a field goal to level the game. The steelers then held the Packers eight yards from the end zone and ended up scoring a 23 yard field goal kick on the 4th down taking the score to 31-25 and the ball back in the steelers hands. A drive down field then saw the steelers get to their own 13 yard line but an interception on the 4th down saw the ball turned over back into the Packers hands allowing them to run out of the rest of the clock.

Overall it was a very good game with two tightly matched teams, without the two early touchdowns I feel the Packers would not have been able to contain the Steelers offense following injuries but the Steelers couldn’t full capitalise on it and trailed all the game. It certainly got rather tense toward the end of the game and I thought there were a couple of times that the steelers were going to get through but the packers held strong and deserved the win, especially after the departure of Brett Favre.

Yet the Super Bowl is as much about the football as it is about watching the commercials. Here are the ones that I thought were the best.

And here are the trailers for the films I want to see

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