Here I a link dump of stuff I recomend you to read

Tesco’s iPhone Prices
Canvas Given the go ahead
Iplayer on Android 2.2 and flash 10.1
Swype Review
You’re Holding your iPhone Wrong
Estimated Android Market payouts
Why I am Skeptical of iAds
Thankyou Part 1
Thank you Part 2
UK West Ham of Broadband
Longest Tennis Match Records
Youtube wins Viacom case
Why the ipad is not good for content creation
Iphone tarrif comparision spreadsheet
Pandorica opens iPlayer image
Cheap Tablet doesn\’t match up to the ipad
Open source making traction in enterprise
ICANN gives nod to .xxx
Why the iphone\’s aerial isn\’t good
Journalists unite to stop DEA
Examining BT\’s FTTP

Hope you enjoy reading them