Reloading tabs

Having just had to restart my computer it meant I had to close chrome and then reopen it which in itself isn’t a problem as I have it set to open up all the tabs that were previously open.
But that is itself the problem. It had to open all the tabs again and so chrome’s blistering speed was reduced to a snails pace. And that got me thinking of an idea for a plugin which would act as as session manager.

I must confess here I have minimal coding skills (nor do I have a tin hat ;) ). I do not know how feasible this is and how you would go about doing it. Anyway here is the idea

The user upon installing the extension can specify a list of 4 -5 five sites that, when the browser restarts, will be loaded in order of preference (preferred priority list). Any other tabs/pages rather than reloading the page display a simple large refresh button that the user can press when they want to load that tab.
Therefore when the browser restarts, in my preferences would open
1. Plurk
2. Facebook
3. The Student Room (Homepage but not individual threads which I usually have open in tabs. Could possibly be done by using some sort of wild cards.
4. Reader

The main disruption to work flow is, not when I boot my computer up first thing and my first point of call would be them above sites, but when I am busy doing something. So to get round this problem the user could then right click on the tab and assign it a priority of between 1 and 3, for reference sake lets call this quick priority. Then when the browser is restarted it looks at the list of tabs in the quick priority list and loads them and then loads your preferred list. Upon closing that particular tab it is removed from the quick priority list and if there is nothing in the quick priority list then it will dive straight in and open up the tabs in the order specified in your preferred list.

And so having just had to restart my computer it would have meant that I didn’t have to wait for 16 tabs to load, half of which are articles that I am going to read another time.