New Camera

I got my new Nikon 5000 and here are the first proper images that I have took with it. Going to test it out over the next few days and then will hopefully write a review some time this week


Cycling In Amsterdam

With the IEE right around the corner now I though I would share this gallery and it is very interesting the points that the guy makes.



Snow !!!

I woke up this morning to find 6″ of snow on the ground and I do have to say that I have never seen snow so deep and after the “look it’s snowing lets go out and play” feelings had worn off I started looking around and found out that today’s weather could be here to stay. For a few days at least

The Arctic Oscilation (AO) is a pattern of changes in sea level pressure in the Arctic and over the Azores. During positive fluctuations there is low pressure over the Arctic and high pressure over the Azores causing droughts in the Med, warmer than average temperatures over much of europe along with rain in northern parts of the UK and Scandanavia. Durring negative fluctuations however there is high pressure over the Arctic and Low pressure over the Azores bringning cold arctic air to northern europe, drier conditions to the UK and cold arctic air reaches southerly latitudes in the US & Canada.

Take a look at the graph below. This graph shows a 3 month moving average for the AO and you can see at the end of 2009 there is a large negative fluctuation.

This is then corroborated by what we are see. Heavy snow falls have blighted the UK for the best part of a month now. In new york, Washington and Phillidelphia places have been inundated with more than 2 foot of snow in places.

The thing is though no one knows how long it is going to last. From the sites that I have read to gather this information they recon that they snow could be here for anywhere between 1 week to 2 but looking at the BBC weather forcast simulation it shows that the country could start warming up again by the weekend.

In the mean time we’ll all just have fun in the snow.


Tracks of 2009

I was thinking part way 2008 when a song came on the radio (can’t remember the song though) and I thought to my self when did I first listen to the song, when did I fall in love with it. And with that idea, at the end of last year I made a playlist of all the songs that meant something to me in 2008.

Now the only rules of the playlist is that you have to start listening to it that year. It doesn’t have to have come out that year but you have to have started listening it to in that year. And as a result it can’t then be in any playlists in years to come. The final rule is that the playlist can be no more than 30 tracks long

So we have my 2008 playlist

Track Artist Album
Shooting Star Flip and Fill feat. Karen Parry Clubland Classix
Rise Again Breeze vs Lost Witness Clubland Classix
Come With Me Special D Clubland Classix
Now You’re Gone Basshunter Now 69
I’m not going to Teach Black Kids Now 70
Discolights Darren Styles Now 70
Propane Nightmares Pendulum Now 70
Black and Gold Sam Sparro Now 70
Cocodrillo Nana Beach Nana Beach 08
Dancing in the Moonlight Toploader Youtube
Yassou Nana Nana Beach Nana Beach 08
Miracle Cascada Youtube
Same Jeans The View iTunes Essentials Indie
Living on a Prayer Bon Jovi Youtube
I don’t want to miss a thing Aerosmith Youtube
Don’t stop the music Rihanna Now 69
Invincible Muse Black Holes and Hurricanes
Everytime we touch Cascada Clubland Classix
Map of the Problematique Muse Black Holes and Hurricanes
Teenagers My Chemical Romance The Black Parade
Assassin Muse Black Holes and Hurricanes
Kodachrome/Maybellene Simon & Garfunkel Concert in Central Park

And this is my 2009 Playlist. The links on the titles are to youtube videos for those that don’t know the songs

Track Artist Album
Played Alive (Classic Mix) The Real Booty Babes Clubland 14
Nebuchan (Organ Mix) Frank Trax Dave Pearce’s Trance Anthems
My Sound Commercial Club Crew feat CC Music Factory Essential Club Charts 2007
Hit The Heartbrakes Black Kids Partie Traumatic
In Motion (Manuel le Saux Remix) Dallaz Project Dave Pearce Trance Anthems 2009
Blinded By the Light Michael Mind feat Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Bump 2007
Love Me Already Black Kids Partie Traumatic
On Mercury Red Hot Chilli Peppers By the Way
Partie Traumatic Black Kids Partie Traumatic
Exploration Of Space Cosmic Gate Youtube
Distant Heartache ReLocate Youtube
Kids MGMT Oracular Spectacular
I gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas The Energy Never Dies
Remedy Little Boots Hands
Jump With Me Sheffield Jumpers Clubland 14
Falling Stars Sunset Strippers Clubland Classix 2
Summer Rain (Alex K Mix) Slinkey Minx Clubland Classix
Discoland Flip & Fill feat Karen Parry Clubland Classix 2
Everywhere Master Blaster Clubland 14
True Believer E-Type Clubland 14
Otherside Red Hot Chilli Peppers Californication
Bonkers Dizzee Rasccal Now 73
Number 1 Tinchy Strider Now 73
Waking up in vegas Katy Perry Now 73
Resistance Muse The Resistance
Uprising Muse The Resistance
Never Miss A Beat Kaiser Chiefs Youtube
A Dazzling End Murray Gold Dr Who Series 4 Soundtrack
The Greatest Story Never Told Murray Gold Dr Who Series 4 Soundtrack

So what does this prove. I have a shit taste in music but as someone once said to me “quality of music is how the listener judges it” and that is why I think these tracks are awesome and I hope you like them as well.


Mode of Transport to School

Using this data set I have made up two proportional circles

This one is for Ash Manor Secondary School

And this one is for Ash Grange Primary School


Sustainable Future for Cycling

Here is the link to a presentation that I did about sustainable Future for Cycling

DfT report

My powerpoint Presentation