Winter Hill


Dolphin Browser

After a recommendation off the crave podcast I downloaded dolphin browser from the Android market late las night with high hopes that it would replace the standard browser.
Now don’t get me wrong, the Android browser works as it should but the way HTC have skinned it for sense means that the browser is full screen so you don’t see the status bar at the top. Now you’re probably thinking no big deal but it means that as you’re browsing you don’t know when the signal drops out or slows down, which it seems to do regularly on T-Mobile. Anyway on the the dolphin browser.
Needless to say the browser is not full screen so you always know how fast you are connected at. Dolphin also brings gestures so push a button at the bottom of the screen and a window pops up and you can draw on. For example draw an m and you add the page to your bookmarks and there are lots of other shortcuts that you can customize gestures for however I have yet to find out how to add gestures to specific bookmarks but if they add that it would be awesome.

Flash also works pretty well having sat in maths today and listened to a couple of billy Joel pieces (that I hadn’t heard for a while) off youtube.

Overall it is a well built application with an extensive feature set and settings list and a pleasure to use, much better than the standard android browser.


Facebook Ban

Just thought i would post my thoughts on the social network ban one week after it was implemented on the college computers
The computer room I am seems fairly busy with more people doing work rather than just sitting in front of Facebook yet it also seems that people are spending more time on websites that aren’t blocked.
That said, opposition to the ban seems to be calming down but we will have to see what is discussed at the next meeting.
That’s all for now, I’m cooking up another post which will hopefully be on by some time tomorrow


Fire and Kitchen

We have had a new kitchen fitted this week and the fire has also been installed here are the pics