A lovely Eclair

It seems that while I have been swanning around in london on my holidays, google has announced and released the Eclair (2.0) SDK for android. But in doing so I feel that it is quite a headache. Now heres the problem

The hero has Sense built on the cupcake release of android (1.5), now Donut is out (1.6) but htc is not releasing a donut release and as such is skipping to eclair (2.0). Now I wanted to try my hand at developing my own android app but I am left with a dilema. I can write a cupcake version of the app now but then have to rewrite it again very soon when eclair comes out which is unknown how long htc will take to port senseUI to eclair with htc stating that it could be quite a while cos Eclair is a major release of the OS. Or I could write an Eclair version of the app but have no way of testing the app to see whether it works or not cos my phone does not have eclair running. Nor the fact that if it does work I won’t be able to run my own application which is the whole point in writing my own.

And so while android is all very well and a beautiful system to use, google does some strange things to screw up development and I am beginning to see the benefits of only having one handset a la Apple.


Last night, Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP appeared on question time. Now before I proceed I must stress that I in any way DO NOT support the BNP. They are a racist fascist bunch of lunatics.
But I do think the BBC were right to allow mr Griffin to appear on question time and here is why.
Question time is an impartial programme and it cannot go choosing who it shows. If this country has democratically elected a fascist then so be it but in order to protect the impartial of the nature of the programme then the BNP must have the right to appear on the show, the same as if an extreme left wing party were electected.
Now that is my stance. The programme has been aired and what is done is done. Now stop arguing.


HTC hero

I was 18 a week ago and decided that I wanted a phone for my birthday. I started off by trying to decide between an iPhone or a palm pre and then after following a few people on Twitter found the HTC hero and I have to say the phone is beautiful. It arrived last Tuesday and I have had a week to play with it and here are my impressions of it.
Even though t-mobile market it as the G2 touch it is the HTC hero. Running android it makes it probably the strongest competitor to the iPhone. HTC have also tweaked android slightly so it also runs the sense UI which means that it has multi-touch on a gorgeous 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen
The market gives access to many apps and because there is no gate keeper like Apple testing every single application it means the is a lot more scope of what apps are allowed to do. For example I have a brilliant sms app called handscent which makes sending mass sms a lot easier.
Background apps also mean that other things can be running and left to control the phone. Power manager can be left running to monitor battery levels and when it is depleted to a certain level, it then changes the settings of the phone to conserve battery.
I do have a few niggles with it though. First of all is it asking which network you would like to connect to. Now I have a t-mobile sin in the phone so I am not going to want to connect to the O2 network, if I try it just says “can’t register on network” so stop asking me whenever the signal drops out. Then sometimes when the list comes up t-mobile isn’t there and so it doesn’t get a signal. Then if let’s say the list comes up when you are inside and can’t get a signal you can’t manually force it to connect. And finally, although its good you can run background apps, it is probably over eager to leave them running in the background. When the camera is not on the screen then there is no point running it in the background and so without taskiller the phone would slow up and be unusable. Other than them three there are a few things that I would change. A stronger vibrate would be nice so you can actually feel it along with a way to make the clicked in the keyboard louder and the same with notification sounds but phone and sms rings are loud enough
Other than that it is a brilliant phone and would recommend it to anyone. Well worth the gadget of the year award by stuff magazine.