Monopoly City Streets

A new game emerged onto the internet this week. www.monopolycitystreets.com/game.html is where it is at and it combines monopoly with google maps. Just about any map in google maps is purchaseable and once purchase the owner can then build properties on it increasing it’s rent. Now this is where chance cards come in. Once you complete an action (buy a street/build a house) you get a chance card and these can either be fines, rewards, hazards or bonus cards. Fines and rewards are pretty self explanatory, you get money or get it taken away from you. Hazard cards come in two flavours, either buldozers or building hazards. If you get a buldozer card you can knock down any building on the map (ie. the world) and then that street doesn’t earn as much rent. Building hazards, once built on a street then stop that street from getting rent. Bonus cards allow you to build properties on your streets that stop other players building hazard cards on which ever street you play it. It is a brilliant game and quite addictive and competative especially if your friends are on it as well. But it has had quite a few teething problems.

And so this is directed to Hasbro/Google, here is how I would fix it. The game is up and running and many people have good streets. there is a split those who got the streets they wanted don’t want to reset it and those that didn’t do want it reset. So don’t reset it for a month. Keep it as an open beta, get more hardware in place to cope with the demand and test the hardware. Iron out all the bugs especially the login. Force people through a proper sign up page needing an email address that make it easier to recover a password, not the flash thing onscreen. (Recapcha is good though, keep that.) Then in a months time once all the bugs are out, close the beta, reset the servers. TELL EVERYONE WHEN IT WILL OPEN AGAIN, make sure it is on a saturday so people aren’t trapped in work. And also schedule a time that finds the most people online from austrailia to west coast america. Probably around 3-4 GMT.

But overall, a good game and keep up the good work.