Gaming Wishlist

With the summer I was thinking of buying a new game and couldn’t decide by buying a cheap game, an expensive/new game or saving my money and waiting for all the good games that are coming out in the autumn. And so I came up with my wishlist

1. Halo 3: ODST
2. Left 4 Dead 2
3. Modern Warfare 2
4. Left 4 Dead: Game of the Year edition
5. Dead Space
6. Dead Rising 2
7. Ashes Cricket 2009
8. Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box
9. Fable 2
10. Bioshock 2
11. Halo Reach
12. Forza 3
13. BLUR
14. DiRT 2

And with that done, I am still no closer to buying a game. Of note, halo: ODST looks absolutely awesome so does L4D2 and modern warfare 2. Then there is Deadspace which got really good reviews and is a bargain at £13 and Fable 2 is going for £17. Oh decisions.

Any advice would be welcome, please leave a coment.


Dev Site

Just a quite note to say that I have started work on the new site yesterday evening and you can take a look at the progression of it as it goes along. Here it is http://develop.chrisbramm.co.uk


Focus Now

Feels ages since I posted here and one of the reasons is I have been away this week since saturday midday at a course at Birmingham Uni for people wishing to study civil engineering.

I packed last friday night (Bloody Hell, almost a week ago) and then left saturday morning. In the end I ended up going a night earlier as Dad had tickets for The Eagles gig at the MEN on sunday night and couldn’t take me. Anyway going off topic. We left saturday and got down in a couple of hours and first visited my grandparents and had tea there. Around 7:30 parents left and then my uncle came and picked me up around 9 o’clock. I slept on saturday night and then my uncle dropped me off at halls at around 3 on sunday afternoon.

I registered and got my key and went up to my room and started to unpack then went back downstairs outside as people started to congregate and introduce each other. It was then a 20 minute walk to go and get tea at Shackleton hall which was quite nice but I was at the back of the queue so must have been waiting for close on an hour to get food. The food wasn’t bad though and the chicken was nice and tender however it meant that all the bones kept falling off and I kept eating them. With dinner finished we headed back to the civil engineering.
That evening we had a design and build competion. We had to build a bridge that spanned 1.2m and could hold at least 5N 350mm above the height of the table, made out of only paper. The only problem was that the bridge had to fail at 50N and so we set about designing a truss bridge. Our main idea was a truss bridge made of triangles and to raise it up high enough we planned a second layer of triangles. That was the plan and tbh it didn’t really work. With making it out of paper it meant that the holes for the bolts weren’t at exactly the same length each time which left some members a few milimeters too short and it pulled in all the members. When designing it we also forgot to think how we were going to attach both trusses together and in the end we just sort of put a few members on the bottom and added other ones to weak parts of the structure that need it. In the end though the bridge held 11N and we weren’t last. We then went back to halls and quite a few watched Jackass in S5 common room. Then bed and the end of a good day.

Monday morning we started work with a lab session. The first one I was in was looking at velocity of water and hydraulic radius trying to find manning’s constant, n, in the formula Q = (A/n)(R^2/3)(?Sf). You can look here if you are interested. The afternoon was then used to start putting together concepts for our main bridge. The brief was for a pair of bridges that would help move visitors between stratford international station and the main stadium. They had to be 50m wide which would reduce to 6m after the games and span 45 and 30m over 2 rivers with a bit of land in between. We started throwing a few concepts around and came up with a bridge that would have a central 6m bit which would be used by cyclists and then there would be an extra 22m either side that would be used by pedestrians.

Monday night we went bowling which was really funny. I won’t recall a lot of it to save embarassment for people but I will say that I was shockingly poor the first game and was quite good the second game, managed 2 strikes in a row and got 4 strikes total, I was quite happy.

Tuesday started off with more lab work looking at structures and how beams are made in I shape. It is to do with the axis of bending.

The x axis/plane runs down the centre of the beam through your eyes and in the other direction and this is known as the axis of bending. Then the I shape is used to provide strength. The shape arised out of using a rectangular beam with a shorter x axis and longer y axis however it is found that it is only the extremities on the y axis that provide the most strength so materials are removed round the parts where it is not effective and just adding weigh round the centre near the axis of bending.

The final lab work was looking at the height of the water above the weir. By using the height of the weir and the velocity of the water the height of the water above the weir can be calculated. This was needed as the bridge was not allowed to flood in a 1 in 100 year flood of 200m^3/sec.

With the lab work done we set about looking at the concepts and deciding what was feasible to design and then eventually to build. Lots of designs were put forward and in the end we settled on a design with 2 steel sprung arches supporting a central 6m walkway that during the games would be used as a cycle way. There would also be 22m spans eitherside supported by suspension/cable stay sort of thing, these would then be used as walkways during the games and could easily dismantled after the games like the brief specified.

On Wednesday morning we went on a site visit and the group I was in went to ronald mcdonald’s childrens house. The building was being built for families to stay in who’s children were in the childrens hospital over the road. The visit was really eye opening and you can look at some pictures here.

As the week progressed we built up our designs on sketchup and in the end, culminated in doing a presentation to the client on the Thursday. This is when it sort of started falling apart. Earlier in the week we were told that the lecture theature had google sketchup and so were planning on doing out presentation then showing the client round our design using sketchup however when we got into the theature we found that we didn’t have google sketchup and another thing I’d that we had sort of done both designs of the bridge, the one of the sprung arches and the one of the suspension detachable sides in random and didn’t have one overall dewing thatincluded both of them. As a result our presentation wasn’t that slick and we left the client confused as to what our bridge would look like.

Even so it was a very good week and I made lots of friends. Lessons were learnt and I would do quite a few things differently if I was to do it again but it was still good all the same and confirms that I want to do civil engineering at university.


Been away

Sorry, been away for a while and as a result haven’t posted in all of July. Of note college finished which means the long summer holidays are here. I have been in birmingham and should have that post out before bed time tonight and was at my cousins wedding this last weekend. Should hopefully post here a bit more often and will talk to dan hopefully and get him to show me round cpanel, then I can hopefully get a dev site set up to test my html and css skills. It will be a learning curve though and if I am not there then bear with my as I will be busy doing other important things such as writing my extended project.

That is all for now and will have another post up soon