Some Photos

Last year I joined flickr and it just sort of spawned my love for photography and it went from there. I shoot using a Nikon D40 and these are some of my recent photos

I took some photos today as well and really like this one



Leeds Uni

Today I went to Leeds uni for their open day, again on the train which actually makes the day a lotmore easier not having to drive and find parking spaces, means we can relax on the train home. And so I am writing this.
Started off with a very early morning. Half past six is far to early on any day but especially for a saturday but even so we got up and were on the train and pulled into Leeds station (which is very nice btw) at around 9:05. We took the free bus up to the university campus and decided that it probably would be best to do an accommodation tour first before it got busy. The accomodation was very nice but similar to the accommodation in Manchester but unfortunately we didn’t look at the accomodation in Sheffield so I am afraid I can’t compare it. We then thought we knew the way back to the main university campus which we didn’t and so walked back to where we started and caught the bus back to the campus.
To kill a bit of time we decided to go and have a look round the SU and seeing as we were just in time for the student life talk we saw it and it was well worth it. We wandered round the SU again and found the pasty show and I had a lamb and mint Cornish pasty which was really nice and I would recommend.
From there we went up to the engineering talk which I suppose is just getting samey now but we still need to go to all the same. We then had a tour of the enginneering department which wasn’t as indepth as the Sheffield tour but was a lot nicer as it was shorter, comparable in length to the tour in Cardiff.
From there we grabbed lunch in the refectory in the SU which was good but I was still full from my pasty. The only problem with it was that there wasn’t anyone telling people there was more food round the corner and so people were queuing up for hot pannis and salad not realising there was pasta round the corner.

But overall it was a very good day. Really good SU and it now makes my university decision harder.


Sheffield Uni

So I thought it would be a good idea to put down my thoughts as to what I thought of Sheffield uni after the open day yesterday.

We got the train to sheffield in the morning as mum didn’t feel like driving and didn’t want to be tired in the evening driving home. The train left warrington central at 8:13 and pulled into sheffield around 9:35, got off the train and went to the main entrance knowing that we needed to get the tram to sheffield uni and that was where we hit a problem, there were no students at the station telling people that they need to go the the tram stop on the other side of the station and also what side platform to be on so we follow the signs to the tram stop and I work out what side we need to be on and then get on a tram to sheffield uni. The tram system is actually pretty decent and seems to connect quite a few places and doesn’t seem to be as big as manchester. In Manc you can feel when a tram is coming cos they are so big but the trams in sheffield were quite quiet and smooth. Once we get to the Uni tram stop (Yes the uni has it’s own tram stop), there are plenty of people pointing the way and someone points us towards all the talks in firth Hall.

First up was the accomodation talk which we decided to go to as we missed the welcome to sheffield talk. (From what my friend said that it was a good uni/city just not put across well (Read His blog >> Florx Blog) ) Got in there and the woman delivering it was just boring, the accomodation looks really good just not put across in an engaging and lively way. I was stood up as there was no room but mum was sat down and I think at one point she fell asleep :( . Then there was the student life presentation which was slightly better. But there is a rule in presenting to never read from the sheet which it seemed that they did quite a bit. But even so it was an ok talk. We came out of that and went back under the road to outside the SU. From there we booked on a tour of the campus which we did. It is very impressive with a massive modern library and a really good SU. From the atmosphere in the couple of bars in the SU, it just feels a bit more mature than the nightclub in Cardiff’s SU.

In the afternoon we then wandered down to the civil engineering talk and tour which was really impressive. Firstly there was a talk by one of the lecturers which I suppose could have and was give at any uni that we have been to but even so I listened and then we had a tour of the research labs. Firstly there was an erasmus student called andrea who was studying flooding and how stuff can be done to contain floodwaters and the lecturer also showed a drain that another postgrad student had designed that separates out the liquid floodwater from solid matter that would have risen out of sewers. It was actually quite interesting. The lecture then showed us to the concrete lab where there was this big machine that cost £900k used to compress concrete on all 3 axis simultaneously. It was sponsored by the nuclear industry and was used to test concrete used in nuclear reactor containment vessels. Again it was actually quite interesting.

Then from there we got the train back home and overall it was a very good day and I like the look and feel of the uni as a whole and the department and also the research focus


Crap day

Had a cracking day today. Came home from college in torential rain but looking forward to setting up tweetdeck on my iPod touch. Finally there is a twitter client that works like the tweetdeck desktop client and I have to say that it is pretty good. All the columns are synced to your tweetdeck account and then on to wherever you login to tweetdeck and I am very impressed with the quality and functionality of the app.
I got home and spent half a hour setting that up and then mum came up to my room asking me if I had looked at any of the stuff for Manchester uni open day on Friday and the day went down hill from there.
I opened the email that I fit after booking the open day last week to find that I need to email someone to book onto a course talk. Why you couldn’t just book on when you register for the day I will never know. It would be much simer but even so I email to book on and get an email back later this evening saying that the talk is full. And the shit hits the bloody propeller.
To say mum at this moment in time is annoyed would be a fair statement but then she asks me what other open days I have booked other than Sheffield which she already knows about. I haven’t booked any so I look at Loughborough for their open day next week to find that they are not letting anyone come by car. Great. Mum is really annoyed now
I look at bristol’s open day page there to see if I can book onto  a talk there and find that Bristol is also booked and now mum is fuming and then my battery in my laptop runs flat. Couldn’t come at a better time so I hastily retreat to my bedroom a) to charge my laptop and b) to think what to do next.
So as I lie here in bed now at 11:25 mum still hates me. The annoying thing is that I knew when the dates were in January, just with them not being able to book them then it just slipped my mind.

And I have just remembered that I forgot to ask people to bring their sponsorship money from when I broke the world record. Crap :(



Last week, after a recommendation from a friend I bought Peggle for my iPod touch and I have to say that in the sale and for 59p it is well worth it.


the aim of the game is to bounce your ball off the pegs to hit all the orange pegs but you only get ten balls which fall out at the bottom of the level. the blue pegs are there just for the level and you can score from them. the orange pegs are the ones you need to clear, green give you power-ups and the purple ones give you high scores. If you manage to land the ball in the hole at the bottom then you get an extra ball and the same if you score 25000 with a single ball. There are also other bonuses for things such as sliding the ball or bouncing it into the hole off the wall.
The game starts off with 10 so called masters each with their own power-up. Each master has 5 levels each with their own difficulty and tactics. The great thing about the game is that there is an element in skill in aiming the ball but once you press fire the game becomes more of luck and chance and hits will happen without you predicting them. Overall the game is very addictive and is well worth it for 59p however I am not sure what the original price is but it is still worth it.



Welcome to my site. So I bought a domain last night when I got home from college and started to set this up late into the evening last night and so didn’t really have time to write anything decent. As it stands now I have a decent theme that will do for a few weeks up until the summer holidays when I hope to be able to write my own site but that may be a bit more complicated now with the addition of wordpress. That is all for now and will hopefully post a few more things up in the next few days from my old blog.


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